Our Strategy

Successful investing in the real estate market is a multi-step process which includes the ability to visualise a property beyond its current condition. We actively search for opportunities in the Montreal market which fall into the following categories:

- Properties that are in need of renovation and have hidden potential

- Properties that have the potential to be converted to condos

- Properties that offer a stable return to our investors

Insight + Hidden Potential + Management = Success

Our formula for success is based on our 3-Phase Program which adds value to your investment at each stage of the property development cycle.

Our 3 Phase Program

Property Acquisition

Malouf Investments targets properties that have hidden profit potential. Through meticulous research, we only acquire properties which fall strictly within our investment criteria. Acquisition discipline is key to increasing value during the first phase of our program. Property selection based on our carefully researched guidelines allows us to use innovative strategies and ideas to unlock hidden potential.

Property Revitalisation

Property revitalisation is the second phase of the Malouf Investments development plan. Whatever the development strategy being implemented for a given project, our in-house fully licensed general contractor ensures that every aspect of the revitalisation phase complies with the properties’ overall development strategy and maximizes value at every turn of this crucial phase of our program.

Property Management

Upon completion of the first 2 phases of the property development program, the Malouf Investments team turns to the final stage of the program. Efficient property management ensures that the added value captured during phase 1 and 2 of our program continues to grow throughout the life of your investment. Investors receive maximum return for their investment in our real estate program without managing the day to day affairs of their investment.